Millican Re-Home.

I have about four bags in my room. I use two of them regularly, the third only now and then and the fourth collects dust and is still in my room to be an antique to show my grandkids what style meant in my day. In reality, I don’t need the fourth bag and I probably don’t need the third bag either, as I could just use one of the first two, now and then. So knowing I don’t need two out of the four bags I own, what should I do with them? Cue: Millican, the sustainable accessories brand based in Keswick, England.

Mavericks Smith 25L Moss – one of Millican’s popular products.
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Millican have recently launched their ‘Re-Home’ project. They are asking the public to send in their unwated bags to them, in exchange for a 5% discount on their products. Millican will take in your unwanted bag, fix and repair them, and then send them to those people who need them most, working with charities like The Calvert Trust , Action for Conservation and Bristol Bike Project.

SDG 12

This project helps us as consumers to become more responsible in our consumption and for Millican to become more responsible in their production, which takes a huge and exemplary step for SDG 12 – Responsible Production and Consumption. The end-of-life stage of a product is arguably the most problematic stage, as most either end up in a landfill or in the ocean, but this project hones in on this problem and provides an innovative alternative. A big thanks to Millican for the ‘Re-Home’ project, which in their co-founder’s own words, courtesy of Fashion United, is “an important part of this ongoing process of learning, sharing and innovating for a better future”.

Check out the links to find out more about how you can get involved in the ‘Re-Home’ project and also to take a look at their aesthetic journal and of course, to buy some of their products with the 5% discount you’ll receive if you do get involved with the project!

Do you know about any other projects like this where a product’s end-of-life stage is being addressed in a sustainable way? Maybe its old phones? Or shoes? Or clothes? Whatever it is, let us know in the comments below!


Millican Website

Millican Re-Home Project Details

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