Wildlife Aid.

Fox Rescued by Wildlife Aid. Photo Credit: wildlifeaid.org.uk

Conservation group, Wildlife Aid, based in Leatherhead, UK, are hoping to create a new home for more young, wild and orphaned animals that will arrive in Spring next year. The animal charity already looks after thousands of animals, like hedgehogs, badgers and songbirds, every year and work hard to return them to the wild. They are “dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of British Wildlife” (Wildlifeaid.org.uk) and this purpose is inspiring for us to read about, but for the animals orphaned after their parents are killed in accidents, the action this purpose drives becomes their only remaining hope for survival.

SDG 15

As well as working with lots of proactive volunteers, the charity allows the public to virtually adopt a wild animal, with the cost of each adoption going towards the animal’s care and welfare, preceeding their return to the wild. Not only is the nature of their work so inspiring and heartwarming, it also takes tangible steps towards SDG 15 Life on Land, through their continued welfare of wild animals. SDG 15 is one closest to my heart and I am a really big fan of the progress Wildlife Aid make towards it and hope that they get all the support they need to continue driving their purpose.

This Winter, Wildlife Aid are hoping to raise £17,000 to build a new home for more animals arriving in Spring. They have also been named in The Big Give‘s Christmas Challenge 2019, where by any online donations made between 12pm Tuesday 3rd December and 12pm Tuesday 10th December will be doubled. Please do check out their website and The Big Give site to donate online; to make a real difference.

Donating to a charity is often faced with skepticisim as who knows where that money goes, but when you do know what the money is being spent on, in this case a new home for orphaned animals, that should make it far easier to part with your money. It certainly does for me! That’s why I’ll be donating this December to support Wildlife Aid’s awesome cause, maybe you can too?

Wildlife Aid Logo Car Sticker. Photo credit: wildlifeaid.org.uk

Know about other organisations working tirelessly towards SDG 12 Life on Land? Let us know in the comments below so we can give them the recognition they deserve too!


Wildlife Aid Website

The Big Give Website

Referenced News Article – Wildlife Aid In Leatherhead Fundraising Homes For Animal Orphans

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