Finer Diner.

Sodexo has partnered with WWF to enable students across UK and Ireland to eat food that has a lower impact on the environment, as part of the ‘Finer Diner’ initivative, developed by global marketing firm Sense.

Sodexo Logo. Photo Credit:

By sampling the 100% plant based foods at a few select univerisities where Sodexo manage the food services, Sodexo aims to make these dishes regular line items in their menu. Sodexo has announced last month that this ‘Finer Diner’ intitiative, using the “Future 50 Foods Report“, produced by WWF and Knorr, as drivers for the ingredients, is being rolled out to over 5000 locations across the globe.

This partnership embodies the power business can have when the focus is fine tuned to meet sustainability needs, and not only does the initiative make progress for SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, it also takes a big step forward for SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals, as partnership was a shortcoming of the MDGs.

A huge thank you to Sodexo and WWF for enabling our good intentions for the planet to become an achievable outcome! Check out the links below, including the Future 50 Foods Report, which gives some real insight into what needs to change if we want to keep feeding the growing population of our FutureSphere! Maybe the Finer Diner has come to your university already or is on its way – let us know how you feel about in the comments below!


Sodexo Website

WWF Website

Knorr Website

Future 50 Foods Report by WWF and Knorr

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