The Great Bubble Barrier.

The Great Bubble Barrier. Even the name sounds so cool, wait till you hear about what they are all about. The Dutch start up, based in North Amsterdam, have this ambitious yet evidently achievable mission: “To remove as much plastic as possible from the environment. We do this by clearing as many flowing inland waterways in the world from plastics, as possible. This way we want to improve water quality and thereby quality of life for humans and animals.” (The Great Bubble Barrier Website). Their mission is one we can all get behind because the effect of plastic pollution is becoming more publicised but the unique selling point of this start-up is the way they set out to achieve it.

The Great Bubble Barrier Logo. Photo Credit:

Co-founders Francis Zoet, Saskia Studer and Anne Marieke Eveleens have found an application for existing bubble technology used currently during oil spillages, in the many waterways of Amsterdam. By diagonally placing a tube at the bed of the waterway and pumping oxygen through it, the waste within the waterway is thrust to the surface. The Bubble Barrier then guides the plastic, using the natural current, to a catchment system on the side of the waterway. One major benefit is that this stops the waste on its way to the ocean, as well as increasing the amount of oxygen in the eco-system – another major benefit for the marine life that live there.

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I really like this business. They have innovated existing technology so well and what’s more is that it is easily scalable and doesn’t require changes to policies or infrastructure. They’ve even come first in the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge and got a major boost for their business development!

The Great Bubble Barrier are working towards a purpose that ties in predominantly to SDG 14 Life Below Water, but also can be seen to positively impact SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG 13 Climate Action and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. A great deal of applause for the team at The Great Bubble Barrier for the huge strides they take towards a sustainable future! Make sure you check out their website and the Green Challenge to learn more about the The Great Bubble Barrier.


The Great Bubble Barrier Website

The Postcode Lotteries’ Green Challenge Website

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