Kenyan startup, Kytabu, has changed the way students can learn in Kenya. Founder, Tonee Ndungu, has enabled teachers and students to have access to all the textbooks in the national curriculum on their mobiles or tablets. The material on the app consists of videos and audiobooks, which contrasts the typical in-house teaching methods in a more fun and engaging way.

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You might think, “well surely this is an added expense for the less developed communities?” Well, you’d be wrong. School fees and associated costs, like up-to-date textbooks, in such communities are often too expensive for locals to continuously afford, especially in the poorer areas. Kytabu provides an affordable alternative, with all the content available to rent for the desired amount of time, on a pay as you go service.

Going further than just education material on the app, Kytabu also integrates with a school management system, Super School, which connects students’ grades and activities from Super School into the app and activities done on the app, including courses and assessments, into the Super School system. Learn more about Kytabu on their website, linked below.

Since it was launched in 2012, this groundbreaking business has significantly increased the number of children who have access to high quality education, particularly in the poorer areas of Kenya. Impact of this kind epitomises the progress required to achieve SDG 4, Quality Education, giving those who are less fortunate equality of opportunity and so, a huge thank you to Tonee Ndungu for not only challenging, but effectively changing the status quo!


Kytabu Website

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