The Creative Society.

Founded by Martin Bright, The Creative Society is an employment charity that works endlessly to drive their mission to aid the UK’s youth to develop and succeed in the creative and cultural sector. They adopt a particular focus to help young people who come from low socio-economic backgrounds and empowering them to achieve their full potential.

Since their launch in 2009, using their Creative Job Studio, a dedicated space for youngsters to network and meet potential employers, the charity has organised numerous local, regional and even national programmes to connect young people with the creative paths they desire.

One of the most impactful methods they employ to achieve their mission is the one-to-one mentorship they provide to aspiring youngsters over a 6 month period, calling upon industry experts and the bespoke coaching they need, in order to, not just get their creative juices flowing, but to turn this creative juice into a tangible skillset they can use to sustainably provide for themselves.

Other forms of the support provided include training, networking opportunities and their most recent launch, the Creative Society Lates, showcasing the society’s talent. “From film screenings, live music, to play readings and live art, the Lates are a chance for young people to try out new ideas to a live audience or to experiment with tried and tested work.” (

The creative business network Martin and his team have built over the past decade has empowered countless of our youth to find their feet and go on to do great things. They host a number of events throughout the year, with their latest one, in October just gone, giving a special opportunity for youngsters to meet with artists from multiple disciplines face to face.

The Creative Society is a registered charity that has grown continuously as a result of its clear and actionable purpose, which embodies SDG 8 Decent Work and Growth. With their added focus on youth from low socio-economic backgrounds, and the progress that they have made in providing the right opportunities for the right people, they have taken praiseworthy strides to help alleviate youth unemployment in the creative sector and this is nothing short of inspiring – you can learn more about the details of their impact on their website.

If you like the sound of what you are reading and want to get involved, learn more about the support and opportunities available at the The Creative Society website, linked below – be sure to check it out!


The Creative Society Website

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