New power unlocked to support London’s homeless.

How many times have you walked past a homeless person in the last month? Quite a few. How many of those people you walked past have you stopped for and given something to? None. How many of those people you walked past have you spoken to? None. How many of those people you walked past do you think have hopes and dreams that they wish they could achieve? Every single one. So what are you going to do about it? Or better yet, what can you do about it?

Beam is the multiple award-winning London based company that makes the hopes and dreams of homeless people in London far more of a reality than their hardships typically allow for. Put simply, Beam is a public crowdfunding platform for homeless people in London, with the funds raised going towards the training and support they need to land stable, paid jobs like electricians, accountants, beauticians and so much more!

The concept of this business is inspirational. By harnessing the power of the web and the crowdfunding tools available, Beam targets the public’s goodwill to donate for causes that truly change lives for the better. The number of awards Beam has received is beyond admirable and its recognition by Forbes, the BBC, Financial Times and so many more, just goes to show why this 2019 Tech4Good Finalist is the epitome of progress for SDG 8 Good Jobs and Economic Growth and SDG 1 No Poverty, specifically through its decent job creation, access to financial services and promoting an active labour market program (albeit non-government lead).

Being a Londonder, I can appreciate how difficult it can be for homeless people in the city, particular in the colder months when nobody has time to stop walking, let alone donate something. Beam have effectively empowered the public to do more for the homeless in London than just dropping the odd coin or left overfood, which to be clear, does go a long way during hard times – it’s just that there is more that we can do to change the longer term hardships of the homeless and now we know how!

So much respect for the team at Beam for their impactful work, having so far drastically changed the lives of 156 people for the better already, getting them into stable, paid jobs. Please do check out their platform and feel inspired to donate, even a small amount, for the awesome cause of giving the homeless in London more than a fighting chance to achieve their dreams!


Beam Website

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