Tackling African malnutrion with not just more food – but with better food.

Sanku Fortification – Introduction

Malnutrition is yet another inconceivably big problem on our planet today, affecting over 2 billion people – that’s over a quarter of the global population! In countries, like many African countries, where malnutrition is so widespread, governments have stepped in to address this issue with National Fortification Standards which, through central processing plants, add the vital nutrients to staple foods, predominantly maize flour – a staple diet of many African countries. These additional nutrients make the same food healthier for those who eat it every day.

However, those living in rural areas, which is the majority, often don’t receive the centrally processed flour and are left eating flour lacking the nutrients that we all need to stay healthy and happy. Sanku is a not-for-profit organisation that has developed a technology, a Dosifier, that can be easily used in rural communities to add vital nutrients to the flour, by precisely measuring out and adding the amounts needed to the flour during the continuous milling cycle that is carried out in such farms. The technology can be easily added to existing milling plants in rural farming communities. Having partnered with scientists at Standford University, Sanku has effectively reached over 2 million people with their technology producing fortified flour!

This solution has made it possible for those living in rural and less developed communities to have access to affordable, healthy food reducing their chances of falling into the vicious hands of malnourishment. Having partnered with Vodafone, Sanku’s Dosifiers are now also smart technologies, enabling cellular management of the small scale fortification tools. Sanku also partners with Ashoka, Mulago, Give Well and many more, all of whom support and help drive the ever-increasingly important mission.

Tying in directly with SDG 2 Zero Hunger, Sanku’s sustainable technology continues to grow its reach beyond the 5 countries it is implemented in so far (Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, and Mozambique), with a target of reaching 100 million people by 2025! A huge thank you for all the team at Sanku for looking at a government-run solution to endemic malnourishment and turning this into a far more accessible, affordable and effective solution, increasing the reach of fortified flour to those who need it most. Learn more about this awesome initiative and opportunities to donate on Sanku’s website, linked below!


Sanku Website
Sanku Website

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