Are you feeling hangry?

Who actually gets to be hangry? Being hangry is a fairly new phrase and quite aptly describes the feeling you get when you are both hungry and angry – hangry. If you do find yourself feeling hangry, you would typically tuck into a juicy burger, a spicy pizza or whatever tickles your fancy. This phrase, though, is usually said by those who have access to such relief of this anger instilling hunger. Those who don’t have access to hanger relief so readily, which is over 21% in the UK (yep, that’s right – 14.3 million of 66.4 million people), often endure feelings far worse than anger as their hunger develops.

Source: The Daily Beast

The UK is considered a first world country but when over one 5th of your population is in poverty, it is difficult to think of it as such. It does, however, reflect a daunting image of the global hunger crisis and the unprecedented scale of poverty on our planet today.

Primary reasons for referral to food banks in the Trussell Trust network in April to September 2019.
Source: The Trusselll Trust

Finding ways to tackle hunger are riddled with economic risks. “How can I afford to feed the poor when I can’t even afford a car?” Ah, what privilege does to our perspective! Those who tackle hunger independent of the apparent economic risks, certainly in the opinion of future generations, are heroes.

Source: Facebook

One such class of hero is The Trussell Trust. The British Christian charity has set up a network of foodbanks around the country and they continue to provide emergency food and support for those who need it most, campaigning to ultimately end the need for foodbanks in the UK. This campaign to end the need for foodbanks stems from the 5 week wait time for universal credit in the UK, which means there’s a 5 week period during which a person may not be able to provide for themselves – 5 weeks!

Our vision:
To end hunger and poverty in the UK.

Our mission:
Bringing communities together to end hunger and poverty in the UK by providing compassionate, practical help with dignity whilst challenging injustice.

The Trussell Trust
Source: The Trussell Trust

Tying in directly with SDG 2 Zero Hunger, The Trussell Trust epitomises the large scale action needed to tangibly help drive the hunger crisis. A huge thank you to The Trussell Trust for all the lives that they impact with their work. It’s easy to forget the support that exists for those who are not as lucky as most – here’s to calling them out!


The Trussell Trust

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