I am Nirmal Chohan, a London-born Indian, with a strong passion for sustainable development, currently working in an FMCG company. I am also the founder of FutureSphere and here’s why I’ve done it. I have seen and continue to see a plethora of negative content about the future of our planet and too right – there is so much going wrong. However, I am a firm believer that there is a growing population of people who are fighting this battle and these are the people who deserve just as much, if not more, attention. With that mind, I set up this blog – who knows where it will take me! All I know is that now I have created a portal for the positive side of sustainable development and a source of hope for the future of our green and blue sphere.


At FutureSphere, like many people, we believe the Earth is worth saving. We know there are people out there who are willing to make a difference, and are doing so already. We want to tap into the passion of these people and empower as many others as possible, to not only learn about what is being done, but to support this through raised awareness and ultimately favour the growth of the work towards achieving a sustainble FutureSphere.


In the sustainability world, which is still in its early stages, one of the key challenges is being able to effectively and consistently track key performance indicators (KPI). This is changing as more focus is being put on Sustainability, and here at FutureSphere we are committed to using this better focus to refine our view of the world and the actions of all its inhabitants. What this means, is we will continue to track the evolving requirements of sustainability reporting and use this to determine who and what we post about. 
The individuals and business that we post about here at FutureSphere are those that have been critically analsysed, using the likes of UN SDG Targets and similarly accredited reference points, to show to you and everyone else, that they are doing something good for the planet that is genuinely worth shouting about.

We scour the internet, read blogs, talk to people and most importantly listen to the passion that people have towards sustinability and how we are not only accountable, but entirely capapable of saving our Future Sphere – we just need the right people with the right drive.


Explore the latest progress towards sustaining our FutureSphere and the indviduals and businesses who will make it happen.


Raise awareness and share the success stories from FutureSphere with your world, supporting the fire fighting heroes in the sustainability world.


FutureSphere gives people the power to have their voices heard and passions realised – this empowerment is fundamental to growing the impact of our actions.