Rum! Rum for your lives!

In the Christmas period, it is estimated that 5,768,212,788 units of alcohol are consumed by adult Britons*. Extrapolating that globally, we start to see numbers that are difficult to pronounce i.e. a lot of alcohol. Despite this increased festive consumption, public thought often fails to address questions such as "was this alcohol manufactured sustainably?" or … Continue reading Rum! Rum for your lives!

Taking refuge in the code

Migrants wait to be rescued by the Aquarius rescue ship run by non-governmental organisations (NGO) "SOS Mediterranee" and "Medecins Sans Frontieres" (Doctors Without Borders) in the Mediterranean Sea, 30 nautic miles from the Libyan coast, on August 2, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Angelos Tzortzinis Source: By the end of 2016, nearly 5.2 million … Continue reading Taking refuge in the code

Poverty doesn’t discriminate, nor does its fighters.

Last week I posted about The Trussell Trust, calling out their undeniably powerful efforts to feed those in the UK who are not so fortunate and it got me thinking about the nature of the charity. The Trussell Trust are a Christian charity but do not discriminate those of other religions. How inspiring it is … Continue reading Poverty doesn’t discriminate, nor does its fighters.

Sure we don’t need soil to grow our crops anymore, but is this scalable?

Maybe you haven't heard about hydroponics before. It has been used centuries ago, in the Floating Gardens of China and Hanging Gardens of Babylon but its only recently, in the last 100 years or so, begun to get the close attention it deserves. Its impact could last lifetimes. Hydroponics is the growing of crops, not … Continue reading Sure we don’t need soil to grow our crops anymore, but is this scalable?

Tackling African malnutrion with not just more food – but with better food. Sanku Fortification - Introduction Malnutrition is yet another inconceivably big problem on our planet today, affecting over 2 billion people - that's over a quarter of the global population! In countries, like many African countries, where malnutrition is so widespread, governments have stepped in to address this issue with National Fortification Standards which, through … Continue reading Tackling African malnutrion with not just more food – but with better food.

Capitalising on swinging weather extremes. Meet Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge finalist Field Factors I was fortunate enough to be taught the difference between climate and weather at school; put simply one is long term and the other short term. What we weren't taught, fortunately, was this difference in practice. We weren't able to tangibly see this difference yet - … Continue reading Capitalising on swinging weather extremes.

I want change. Show me how.

It is often the case we do not get what we feel we deserve or that there is more that can be done. During these times, it is incredibly difficult to stop yourself falling into a spiral of demotivation and a feeling of despair. Not-for-profit social enterprise, MySociety, gives the UK's public access to online … Continue reading I want change. Show me how.