Rum! Rum for your lives!

In the Christmas period, it is estimated that 5,768,212,788 units of alcohol are consumed by adult Britons*. Extrapolating that globally, we start to see numbers that are difficult to pronounce i.e. a lot of alcohol. Despite this increased festive consumption, public thought often fails to address questions such as "was this alcohol manufactured sustainably?" or … Continue reading Rum! Rum for your lives!

MarinaTex. Lucy Hughes, a University of Sussex student, has created nothing short of disruption for the plastics industry. If it's not already evident from the video, she has created a practical solution to one of the biggest sustainability challenges - plastic waste. Not only that, but through the use of the discarded fish skin … Continue reading MarinaTex.

The Great Bubble Barrier.

The Great Bubble Barrier. Even the name sounds so cool, wait till you hear about what they are all about. The Dutch start up, based in North Amsterdam, have this ambitious yet evidently achievable mission: "To remove as much plastic as possible from the environment. We do this by clearing as many flowing inland waterways … Continue reading The Great Bubble Barrier.

SUST Beauty.

Ex-Harvey Nichols, expert buyer Zahra Broadfield founded SUST Beauty, a new website that gathers the most sustainable and best quality products in the beauty industry so that shoppers can buy the best, whilst minimising their impact on the environment. SUST Logo. Photo Credit: Bound for success, this business removes the arduous steps a consumer … Continue reading SUST Beauty.