Growing Health.

Sustain, an alliance for better food and farming, representing around 100 national public interest organisations working at international, national, regional and local levels, has partnered with Garden Organic, a charity that has built an increasingly massive community who believe that organic growing is a key driver for a healthy and sustainable world.

The output of their partnership is Growing Health, a UK national project promoting health and well-being by working with the UK’s health and social care services to use organic food regularly grown by communities across the country. Here’s a video from their site about one such project in Brighton.

By giving the opportunity to grow their own food to different groups of people, such as those with mental health problems, physical impairments, long term conditions, learning difficulties and in recovery and rehabilitation, the project provides a means to exercise, addresses physical and mental health issues, encourages social interaction and skill development and provides access to fresh, locally produced fruit and vegetables. The inspiring yet effective nature of this project continues to attract more health and socal care providers to get involved and through its positive impact on these groups of people and on the health and social care providers, it embodies SDG 3, Good Health and Well-being.

The fruit and vegetables produced through the projects are then used by health and social care providers and the concept of sustainable produce, being grown by those who benefit most from the related activities, to then be used by health and social care providers, is one that is also in line with SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Growing Health is accessible to anyone in the UK and if you are interested in getting involved in this sustainably proactive project, check out their website. You can get involved either through taking part in the food growing and similar well-being activities or if you are aware of an audience that would benefit from such activities, you can present your proposal to the project team and if successful, they will support you with their wide ranging network to set up and deliver the impactful benefits to those who need it most.

So much admiration and respect for this project as it involves groups of people who don’t often get the privileges most take for granted, as well as doing this through developing a sustainable network of organic food growers and health and social care providers.


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