Equality Check.

Equality Check Logo. Photo credit: linkedin.com/company/equalitycheck

People are talking more and more about gender inequality these days, and naturally, other forms of inequality too. However, what we do seem to lack is a means of holding anyone accountable or being able to speak openly, against say your own employer, without risk or fear of being punished. Cue: Equality Check. Founded by Marie Sunde and Isabelle Ringnes in March 2018, Equality Check is “a community-based platform of employee reviews rating equality in companies.”

SDG 10

A bit like Glassdoor and Tripadvisor, the platform empowers employees to answer questions relating to work-life balance, discrimination and support from management. Optional anonymity provides security for those who want to leave a review, without risk of reprimand or punishment.

“Although there is a focus on this [achieving gender equality], there is not enough action” -Marie Sunde.


Respect for Marie Sunde and Isabelle Ringnes for taking the bull by the horns with this disruptive idea. By forcing companies to step up now that their public image is at stake, we should expect an increase in the tangible actions towards reducing inequality and the added focus on gender equality, as per UN’s SDG 5 – Gender Equality and SDG 10 – Reduced Inequality.

You can use the link below to get involved and leave a review about your own employer on Equality Check’s platform – good, bad or ugly, you can tell it how it is!


Equality Check Website

Referenced News Article

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